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Our consultants are road safety specialists with experience of working with national governments, international institutions and development banks on local, regional, national and international projects.  Explore our database to learn more about them and how they can support your projects.

Emma MacLennan

Founder and Director of EASST.
Emma leads EASST’s charitable work across Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia and facilitates cross-border projects on road safety and sustainable transport.

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Dmitry Sambuk

Dmitry is the Director of Development and Education at EASST and Managing Director of EASST Academy.
Dmitry is a skilled professional with wide experience of working on challenging and complex road safety projects with non-profit and governmental organisations.

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Serghei Diaconu

President of Protect MD Foundation and Honorary President of the Automobile Club of Moldova.
Serghei is an experienced road safety professional with extensive political experience. His former roles include Chief of the Road Police, Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs and Adviser to the Prime Minister.

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Poghos Shahinyan

Executive Director of National Road Safety Council of Armenia.
Poghos is a road safety specialist providing advice to the Armenian Government and development banks on national road safety strategies and action plans.

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Vafa Huseynli

Road Safety Projects and Training Manager, National Automobile Club of Azerbaijan.
Vafa is an experienced road safety project manager with 10 years of professional experience in human resources, talent management, training and development.

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Vusal Rajabli

Founder and President of HAYAT International Humanitarian NGO.
Vusal has over 20 years of experience in the road safety field. He has led road safety projects of HAYAT and the National Automobile Club of Azerbaijan (AMAK), which he regenerated and relaunched to become a member of FIA in 2015, and managed transport operations of 2 biggest events hosted in Azerbaijan – the Baku European Games and Baku Islamic Solidarity Games.

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Rafail Musaev

Founder and President of the Belarus Auto Moto Club (BKA)
Rafail founded the BKA in 1998.  Under his leadership, the club has developed a road safety strategy targeted primarily at young drivers and children.  They have implemented numerous successful projects cooperating closely with the road traffic police, government ministries and non- governmental organisations

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Irina Potyakina

Director of the Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club.
Irina leads the Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club and all of its road safety projects, working alongside a range of national and international partners.

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Irakli Izoria

Director, Partnership for Road Safety.
Irakli has managed a large range of road safety and sustainable transport projects for government, private companies, NGOs and development banks in Georgia.

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Gela Kvashilava

Chairman of Georgian Road Safety Partnership.
Gela has over 10 years of professional experience in road safety and sustainable transport issues. He has a track record in securing legislative change as well as working on EU and development bank projects.

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Lika Merabishvili

Project Coordinator, Partnership for Road Safety NGO.
Lika is a project co-ordinator with six years of road safety experience and a track record of working with international partners and funders.

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Stephan Englaender

Civil Engineer Specialising in Road Safety.
Stephan is an experienced civil engineer specialising in road safety.  He has worked on a wide variety of international projects in Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia.  He is regularly contracted as a Road Safety Specialist to work on large scale road construction and rehabilitation projects for national governments and international donors.

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Evangelos Bellos

Project Manager at Make Roads Safe Hellas.
Evangelos is a qualified mechanical engineer (PhD) and specialises in project, risk and quality management. He is highly experienced in managing transnational road safety consulting projects, providing road safety awareness campaigns and education, engaging local stakeholders, building government and civil society stakeholder capacity in road safety.

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Ali Zayerzadeh

Road Safety Specialist for Khorasan Razavi Transportation & Terminals Organisation
Ali Zayerzadeh is a transport engineer and road safety specialist working with regional and national government and as well as projects in the NGO sector.

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Chinara Kasmambetova

Founder and Director of Road Safety NGO.
Chinara is the Director of Kyrgyzstan’s only NGO dedicated to promoting road safety and reducing road casualties. She is also an Advisor to the Governmental Committee on Road Safety.

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Tatiana Mihailova

Project Manager, Automobile Club of Moldova and Executive Director, Protect MD Foundation.
Tatiana is a road safety manager with experience leading advocacy, awareness, capacity building and environmental projects including responsibility for planning, management, fund-raising, monitoring and reporting.

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Virginia Mandalac

Project Manager for international road safety projects at the Automobile Club of Moldova.
An experienced manager of international road safety projects including acting as a Country Co-ordinator for the EU SENSOR project.

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Naimjon Mirzorakhimov

Chair of Young Generation Tajikistan, NGO.
Naimjon leads the Young Generation of Tajikistan’s road safety projects and regularly works in partnership with development banks and international donors.

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Habibullo Munavvarov

Road Safety Projects Manager for the Young Generation of Tajikistan NGO.
Khabibullo has a track record of managing road safety projects as well as a background in managing road and vehicle inspections.

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Alaster Barlow

Alaster is a freelance Road Safety Engineer. He has over 29 years road safety engineering, education and strategy experience, in the public and private sectors. He has been involved in projects in the UK, Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East.

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Paul Disney

Independent Consultant in Road Traffic, Highways and Road Safety.
Paul has over 40 years’ experience as a transport engineer and has worked in more than 30 countries across the world including Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Emily Carr

Donations and Project Coordinator at Eastern Alliance of Safe and Sustainable Transport.
A project manager specialising in road safety education with experience of working on a range of international initiatives including development bank projects.

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Oksana Romanukha

Road Safety Campaigns and Communications Manager at the Road Safety Support Foundation.
Oksana is a road safety specialist with 10 years’ experience of project management for donor funded projects including initiatives funded by the EU, World Bank and EBRD.

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